The 2014 printed circuit board expo

2014 printed circuit boardOn January 15th to 17 th , The 2014 printed circuit board expo was held at Tokyo big sight.
We were aiminig to generate new leads through this trade fair.

Many people visited our booth,and
we expect sales from these leads.

DSC06421300By increasing the efficency of our booth.

For example,

We practiced our presentation and how to talk to potantial customers.

We also improved our service catalog.

We were able to acquire more potencial customoers than last year.


33rd season President Policy


DSC05098I gave a prezentation when I say three topics to our employes.

First topic is Business challenge.

Second topic is 33rd season President Policy.

Third Topics is Medium term plan.

President Policy1.Bujines challenge is improving service and  products.

2.President policy is

①Human resource development.

②Inproving customer satisfaction.

③Increase sales and  profit.

3.Medium term plan

The purpose of manegement that employees will be happy.




It is the first contribution

For the first time, the English blog was challenged.

The mission of our company

Electronic technology is an indispensable part of our
comfortable modern lives.
However, the world of development is anything but comfortable.
As development competitive intensifies with shortening delivery
times and cost cutting, we want to be able to offer soriutions to
development personnel with the problems they encounter,
even if it’s in a small way!