A studying tour

Factory of a famous biscuit marker

Factory of a famous biscuit marker

I went to sapporo & otaru city in Hokkaido on Jun 13 and 14.

IT was raining while we were staying in Hokkaido, so I felt cold.

My company has gone on on a studying tour every year.


Hitsujigaoka obeservatory

Hitsujigaoka obeservatory

We went to the Tokyo sky tree tower asakusa shrine & Tukiji fish market last year.

We were looking for ideas & inspriration from different service providers.

Sapporo is one of Japnese a leading tourist destinations, with 13million visitors a year.



On the Firstday, We went to the ”白い恋人パーク” Factory of a famous biscuit marker in sapporo.

I ate dinner in Susukino town the dinner menu was mainily seafood. suca as salomon roe, sea urchin, crab,sahimi.

It was very delicious.

On the second day, Iwent to Hitsujigaoka obeservatory and on the sapporo dome tour,and to otaru city.



Hitrsujigaoka obeservatory is famous for Dr.CLlrk. Sapporo dome is a very large stadium.

Otaru city is famous for its glasswork and the Otaru canal.

We left the new chitose airport at 7 pm, We arrived back in Hamamatsu at 12 pm.




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