We will be audit.

My company will have our compulsory audit.

Our ISO 14000 certification will have an apudate oudit,and

Our ISO 9001 certification will have our annual aoudits.

This time, we will be audited by a diffurent certification company than usual to

keep us on our toes and improve our standards.

I’m going to be given a guality control manager interview.

ISO is a important certification in order to advance the standardization

of the working enviroment.

What differentiates my company from other?

One thing I can say is that we’er committed to customer satisfaction.


I’m realy looking forward seeing

写真I’m going to shanghai this month to greet the parents of prospective employees.

Their parents can’t speak Japanese and English, but

the prospective employees can speak Japanese and English.

We plan to eat with their parents.

My chinese emoloyee made a reservation of the restarant in shanghai.

I’m going to ezplain the concept of my company while dining, and the enviroment of the workplace.

For example, Education planning ,system,and what type of town about Hamamatsu city.

I’m realy looking forward seeing parents of my prospective employees.