A Business trip story.

写真On March 19th. We went to Hong Kong airport via 浦東 airport in shanghai. There were two purpose of this business trip.
The Fierst, was to meet with a custmers in shinzen.
The second was have dinner in shanghai wits the parents of future employees. However, We were not able to fly to shanghai from shainzen becouse of fog. The airline didn’t know when the flight would leave. In other words, there was no way to go to shanghai, So I had to go back to Nagoya from Hong Kong airport. It was very disppointing that I couldn’t meet the parents. We have made a new dinner date.

On March 23th. We went to Zuhai from Hong Kong airport with our custmer.
Our aim was to inspect the production processs that is currently outsourced,to bring it in-house. The audit process was successfully completed. I’m grateful for the support of our partner. I had dinner with customaers after the audit,and
I went back the next day. I went by ferry to Zuhai from Hong Kong. But,
I will be able to Zuhai and Macao will be connected by a Bridge.