I went to eaterfall called, 白糸の滝 in Japnanese. and Mt Fuji.

DSCF0960I went to Mt.Fuji with my company employ last wekend.

My company employ is a Chinese woman.

She wanted to go to Mt.Fuji,because it is very famoas in Ccina.

The day was sunny. It was a good day for drive.

It to took two and a half hours to get to Mt.Fuji.

We couldn’t see the top of the Mt.fuji because of clouds.

She was very disappointed.

And we also went to waterfall called, 白糸の滝 in Japnese.




The 2014 printed circuit board expo

2014 printed circuit boardOn January 15th to 17 th , The 2014 printed circuit board expo was held at Tokyo big sight.
We were aiminig to generate new leads through this trade fair.

Many people visited our booth,and
we expect sales from these leads.

DSC06421300By increasing the efficency of our booth.

For example,

We practiced our presentation and how to talk to potantial customers.

We also improved our service catalog.

We were able to acquire more potencial customoers than last year.