The training challenge for new employees.

DSC01902Our comany new employees gave

presentation to us yesterday in my

company conference room.



The presentation was training

challenge for new employees.



DSC01600The topics was to explain our

company strengths and weaknesses

and improvements we could make.

The prezentations were all good.




The reason they were good is

becouse experienced employees

gave their advice.

A studying tour

Factory of a famous biscuit marker

Factory of a famous biscuit marker

I went to sapporo & otaru city in Hokkaido on Jun 13 and 14.

IT was raining while we were staying in Hokkaido, so I felt cold.

My company has gone on on a studying tour every year.


Hitsujigaoka obeservatory

Hitsujigaoka obeservatory

We went to the Tokyo sky tree tower asakusa shrine & Tukiji fish market last year.

We were looking for ideas & inspriration from different service providers.

Sapporo is one of Japnese a leading tourist destinations, with 13million visitors a year.



On the Firstday, We went to the ”白い恋人パーク” Factory of a famous biscuit marker in sapporo.

I ate dinner in Susukino town the dinner menu was mainily seafood. suca as salomon roe, sea urchin, crab,sahimi.

It was very delicious.

On the second day, Iwent to Hitsujigaoka obeservatory and on the sapporo dome tour,and to otaru city.



Hitrsujigaoka obeservatory is famous for Dr.CLlrk. Sapporo dome is a very large stadium.

Otaru city is famous for its glasswork and the Otaru canal.

We left the new chitose airport at 7 pm, We arrived back in Hamamatsu at 12 pm.


I went to a trade show last Friday with my chinese staff.

At the trade show it was greeted by cosutomers of saverl companies.

This “JAPCA SHOW 2014” trade show was held of the Tokyo Big Sigaht in Odaiba.

It is sponsored by the Japanese Print Industry Association.

There were many exhibitors from overseas but the number of visitors and exhibitors has been decreasing every year.

This is due to the lack of innovation in the industly.

For example, no new technology.products or services.

I said to my chinese acquatiance,that We should have gone to diffrent trade show.

We will be audit.

My company will have our compulsory audit.

Our ISO 14000 certification will have an apudate oudit,and

Our ISO 9001 certification will have our annual aoudits.

This time, we will be audited by a diffurent certification company than usual to

keep us on our toes and improve our standards.

I’m going to be given a guality control manager interview.

ISO is a important certification in order to advance the standardization

of the working enviroment.

What differentiates my company from other?

One thing I can say is that we’er committed to customer satisfaction.

I’m realy looking forward seeing

写真I’m going to shanghai this month to greet the parents of prospective employees.

Their parents can’t speak Japanese and English, but

the prospective employees can speak Japanese and English.

We plan to eat with their parents.

My chinese emoloyee made a reservation of the restarant in shanghai.

I’m going to ezplain the concept of my company while dining, and the enviroment of the workplace.

For example, Education planning ,system,and what type of town about Hamamatsu city.

I’m realy looking forward seeing parents of my prospective employees.

A Business trip story.

写真On March 19th. We went to Hong Kong airport via 浦東 airport in shanghai. There were two purpose of this business trip.
The Fierst, was to meet with a custmers in shinzen.
The second was have dinner in shanghai wits the parents of future employees. However, We were not able to fly to shanghai from shainzen becouse of fog. The airline didn’t know when the flight would leave. In other words, there was no way to go to shanghai, So I had to go back to Nagoya from Hong Kong airport. It was very disppointing that I couldn’t meet the parents. We have made a new dinner date.

On March 23th. We went to Zuhai from Hong Kong airport with our custmer.
Our aim was to inspect the production processs that is currently outsourced,to bring it in-house. The audit process was successfully completed. I’m grateful for the support of our partner. I had dinner with customaers after the audit,and
I went back the next day. I went by ferry to Zuhai from Hong Kong. But,
I will be able to Zuhai and Macao will be connected by a Bridge.

Business trip SHENZHEN and SHANGHAI in China.

shenzhen airportI went on a business trip SHENZHEN and SHANGHAI in China.

It was very hard schdule for three days.

On the firstday, It took 3 hours by car from Hongkong Airport to the Customer.

Igot back to the hotel at 10 o’clock at night.


On the second day, I felt the hotel at 6 o’clock in the morning, to go to shenzhen Airport.

Shenzhen airport is largest in Asia.

So, It took two and a half hours to get to shanghai from shenzhen.

I took part in a business exchange meeting.

At the seminor, I was able to hear about the situation of Chinese economy.

I was able to exchange information with peple from many Japanese companies

Basketball game

My doughter had a basketball game of KAISEI junior hight school.

She has started basketball last year when she started junior hight school.

My daughter runs very farst.

She ran around the court a lot.

Unfortutely she lost all  her games.

I want her to train hard to be able to get a good result next time.

I went to eaterfall called, 白糸の滝 in Japnanese. and Mt Fuji.

DSCF0960I went to Mt.Fuji with my company employ last wekend.

My company employ is a Chinese woman.

She wanted to go to Mt.Fuji,because it is very famoas in Ccina.

The day was sunny. It was a good day for drive.

It to took two and a half hours to get to Mt.Fuji.

We couldn’t see the top of the Mt.fuji because of clouds.

She was very disappointed.

And we also went to waterfall called, 白糸の滝 in Japnese.